Which Celeb Would You Invite In Your Limo?

Jill Devine

First, let’s assume you have a limo to ride around in.  Second, if you could choose any celeb to ride in your limo … who would it be?

According to a survey conducted by TMZ, Katy Perry is the celeb that you would invite in your limo to ride around with.  I agree!!!!!!!!!!!  How fun would she be?!?!?!?  Coming in second place, Charlie Sheen.  At first, I thought that was insane and then I thought … that could make for a very interesting limo ride BUT I would fear getting arrested because he would have something illegal in the limo.  Robert Pattinson came in third and Justin Bieber came in fourth.

Besides Katy Perry, I would want Justin Timberlake in the limo too.  Which celeb would you let in your limo?

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