Chris Daughtry Sued By Former Bandmates

Prior to hitting it big via American Idol, Chris Daughtry was in a North Carolina band called Absent Element. Some of the members of that band are now suing Chris.

Three of the members of Absent Element claim that Chris started writing Daughtry’s hit, Home, while still a member of Absent Element. The three believe they are entitled to royalties of that song and others on Daughtry’s debut album. They are claiming that Absent Element even performed the song Breakdown before the song appeared on Daughtry’s album. The songs in the lawsuit also include Daughtry’s Conviction and Sinking.

Chris responded to the lawsuit on Daughtry’s website yesterday. He wrote, “I am very hurt by these false accusations. The songs listed in this lawsuit were written solely by me and no one else and at this time, I have no further comment.”

His wife, Deanna, responded via Twitter, “Hey liars & thieves one day you will have to stand before God & explain why money was more important than TRUTH & see what he says.”

Apparently, the lawsuit coincided with a Daughtry show in North Carolina.

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