Schmig Schmackdown For Friday, April 6, 2012

This week will Erin finally dethrone Jen as “Entertainment Queen?”  Let’s find out.

Here are this week’s questions and answers:

1) Jaleel White made news this week for his apparent tantrum during a practice for “Dancing With The Stars.”  Jaleel found stardom while playing Steve Urkel on this ’90’s ABC sitcom.  – Family Matters (Both Erin and Jen answered correctly)

2) In a new book about NBC,  we learned some secrets about the hit show ”Friends.”  On the show, what did Ross and Rachel named their baby?  – Emma (Both Erin and Jen answered correctly)

3) With golf’s Masters underway, America is wondering if Tiger Woods will again be in the running for a Green Jacket.  His world was forever changed when this mistress first came forward with an affair in 2010. -Rachel Uchitel (Erin had “No idea”/Jen answered correctly)

4) Katie Couric, who has been filling in for Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, came under fire because show producers want it known that Robin, not Katie, is responsible for the shows recent great ratings.  Who did Katie permanetly replace on The Today Show?  – Deborah Norville (Erin had “No idea”/Jen answered correctly)

5)  “American Reunion” Hits theaters today.  In the original “American Pie”, in what flavor of pie did Jim endulge?  – Apple (Erin answered correctly/ Jen said “Cherry”)

So Jen wins…  AGAIN!

If you want to take on Jen in an upcoming Schmig Schmackdown, click on this link:  Good Luck!

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