9 Things You May Not Know About Kelly Clarkson

How much do you know about Kelly Clarkson?

MTV News sat down with Kelly and asked her about “her favourite things”.  Check out the answers and questions:

Kelly’s Favourite ‘Friends’ Character
Um, Matthew Perry – Chandler.”

Kelly’s Favourite Board-Game
Ohhhh – probably Scrabble or Yahtzee, probably Yahtzee!”

Kelly’s Favourite Type Of Pizza
Oh, probably Hawaiian, yeah. Pineapple and ham… mmmmmm!”

Kelly’s Favourite Theme-Park
Disney World! I just went there for the first time ever, because we toured through there! It was so amazing! I’m 29 years old and I had a blast!

Kelly’s Favourite Reality Show
Right now? Probably ‘The Voice’! Actually, yeah.”

Kelly’s Favourite Beyoncé Song
Beyonce, or Destiny’s Child? Because I love Bug A Boo, that’s like a Junior High all-skate!

Kelly’s Favourite Song Off Her Latest Album, ‘Stronger
You Love Me‘ – a lot of people probably think it’s a really sweet song, but it’s not. It’s kind of like about how the [music] industry loves you, like I think a lot of people really get it twisted what the definition of love is, I’m like ‘Your love feels like a punch in the face, that’s weird!‘”

Kelly’s Favourite Karaoke Song
Probably mine would be any rap song. Like, I like doing Eminem, I think it’s funny because I look horrible. Karaoke is supposed to be funny. For all those people that go to karaoke places and actually sing for real? Please stop.”

Kelly’s Favourite Superhero
Oh, Superman, yeah.”

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