Madonna’s Daughter Lights Up

109499638 Madonnas Daughter Lights Up
Cue Madonna’s “Burning Up”, because Lourdes is in hot water!

Madonna’s 15-year-old daughter Lourdes was spotted smoking recently.

Will her mom be upset? Likely not, since Madonna’s been making drug references recently to seem young and hip.

Madonna was on stage at an electronic music festival in Miami on Saturday. Before introducing one of the artists, she asked, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” Molly is slang for MDMA, the main component in Ecstasy.

Madonna’s new album is also titled “MDNA”, which now seems to be another nod to the drug.

Electronica superstar Deadmau5 proceeded to rip Madonna on Facebook and Twitter:

Very classy there Madonna. ‘HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???’ Such a great message for the young music lovers at Ultra. Quite the f***** philanthropist. But hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY!

Madonna [is] reaching an entirely NEW level of idiocy. I can appreciate her meteroric career, and all good deeds done, but WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT? That’s your big contribution to [electronic dance music]?

That’s your big message to Ultra attendees? Hipster-speak for looking for drugs? F*** off you f****** IDIOT.

After her drug references, and her new video for “Girl Gone Wild” where she smokes cigarettes, how do you think Madonna should/will handle Lourdes?


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