Today On Twitter: STL Rapper Chingy is NOT Dead


Another death hoax has hit the internet. #RIP Chingy became a trending topic, at one point, this evening. He is very much alive!

Don’t know how it started, but here is how this will end:

@chingyjackpot I kno sumbody that did die that y’all need to support instead of lying. TRAYVON how bout y’all take time out an trend that. 2much like right

That was sent out about a half hour from Chingy’s twitter account. He’s got a point.

Still, I can’t help but laugh at some of the tweets “fans” were sending out.

“Chingy isn’t dead, he’s right thurrrr,” a reference to his hit song “Right Thurr.”

“Chingy isn’t dead, he’s at the holidae In,” another song reference. Who could forget “Holidae In,” featuring Snoop Dogg?!?!?

“Chingy isn’t dead, his career is.” Low blow.

You can catch up with Chingy on Twitter @Chingyjackpot.

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