Schmig Schmackdown For Friday, March 23, 2012

Will Molly finally defeat Jen in entertainment trivia?  Let’s find out.

Here are today’s questions and answers:

Since you’re winning tickets to see Oprah’s “Life Class: The Tour”, let’s test your Oprah knowledge.  What’s Oprah’s long-time love Steadman’s last name? – Graham (Both Jen and Molly were correct)

“Mad Men” is finally back this Sunday.  The show has put many new faces on the map.  One of the stars, Peggy, played by Elizabeth Moss, was briefly married to what SNL funny man? – Fred Armisen (Jen was correct/Molly said, “Will Forte”)

“The Hunger Games” is out, and its lead, Jennifer Lawrence, is getting tons of praise for her roll.  This is something she should be used to since just last last year, she was a Best Actress nominee for her roll in what film? – “Winter’s Bone”  (Jen was correct, Molly said, “Winter’s… Something”)

It was just announced that Lifetime will be making an African American version of Steel Magnolias with Queen Latifah and Jill Scott.  For Julia Roberts, this was a breakout role playing this character. – Shelby (Jen said, “Clairee”/Molly said, “Geez!”)

Ashley Judd is having a good week.  She has a new show on ABC, and her alma mater is still “in it to win it” in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  From what school did she graduate? – Kentucky (both Jen and Molly were correct)

Jen wins again!

Click Here if you too want to take on Jen on an upcoming Schmig Schamckdown!

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