The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check

chinese zodiac tattoos symbols abundance The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check

This is a two thousand year old method of guaranteeing financial prosperity in the New Year, adapted to modern methodology…  And it goes in effect tonight at the sign of the first full moon…  SO GET ‘ER DONE!

 Here’s how The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check works:

1. Take a Blank Check.
2. Date it with the current date.
3. Make the check out to yourself.
4. Use your full legal name.
5. Leave the dollar box and line blank.
6. In the memo area write, “paid in full”.
7. Sign the check, “Law of Abundance”.

That’s it! You will need to keep the check with you at all times in the New Year.  Remember to look at it periodically to visualize your financial goal. You MUST complete this task before the first NEW moon of the year.  It’s also going to be The Year of  The Dragon – a year of power and wealth –  so it’s a good year to at least give it try.

  • Deb

    Has this actually worked for anybody? I have tried it the last few years to no avail…yet I keep trying. I need things to improve so I will try all things, even those that seem sort of crazy!

  • Deb

    Maybe it was because I didn’t endorse the back? LOL

    • Lisa

      We are doing it again because we have been very fortunate. Of course, it may be perspective. We have been able to take at least one vacation a year and didn’t incur huge debts during the year. :)

  • m

    what do you do with the check from last year?

  • joni

    Curious to know also what you do with the checks from the year before?

    • Deb

      I burned my last year’s check, when I made out the new check.
      I did go ahead and endorse the back of this year’s check, just in case that was my “issue” in the past, LOL.
      *Glad this worked for Lisa.

  • Ann

    You must have something to believe in !!

  • Carla Gifford

    I just filled out my “Law of Abundance” check. After having a very bad 2010 I’m ready for a VERY abundant 2011 and am already grateful for what is yet to come! :)

  • Luann

    When I look up full moon it says Jan 9,2012

    I will do it again this year, seem to work for 2011 year.

  • http://gmail angelalozano

    It works!

  • Angelique

    A small clarification ~ This must be done before the next New Moon. I have listed the New Moons for 2012 below: Not the Full Moon :0)

    January 23
    February 21
    March 22
    April 21
    May 20
    June 19
    July 19
    August 17
    September 16
    October 15
    November 13
    December 13

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