The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check

chinese zodiac tattoos symbols abundance The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check

This is a two thousand year old method of guaranteeing financial prosperity in the New Year, adapted to modern methodology…  And it goes in effect tonight at the sign of the first full moon…  SO GET ‘ER DONE!

 Here’s how The Chinese Law Of Abundance Check works:

1. Take a Blank Check.
2. Date it with the current date.
3. Make the check out to yourself.
4. Use your full legal name.
5. Leave the dollar box and line blank.
6. In the memo area write, “paid in full”.
7. Sign the check, “Law of Abundance”.

That’s it! You will need to keep the check with you at all times in the New Year.  Remember to look at it periodically to visualize your financial goal. You MUST complete this task before the first NEW moon of the year.  It’s also going to be The Year of  The Dragon – a year of power and wealth –  so it’s a good year to at least give it try.


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