See What Chunk From “The Goonies” Looks Like Now

gooniesbigpic See What Chunk From The Goonies Looks Like Now

Happy Birthday to Jeff Cohen, better known as Chunk from “The Goonies.”  He turns 37 on Saturday, and you’d never recognize him now!

Jeff is an entertainment lawyer now, and has his own firm, Cohen Gardener LLP

As his hit puberty, his looks changed, and most people didn’t recognize.  He went off to college, but refused to do the Truffle Shuffle…except for one time:

After Goonies, I would never do it. The one time I did it was at Berkeley. I was the mic man at the football games, trying to pump them up. I wasn’t certain everyone knew who I was, I got up there to Say ‘GO BEARS’ and this frat guy in the back row started screaming ‘truffle shuffle.’ then the last 3 rows started chanting it. Next thing you know it caught on and 10,000 students were cheering ‘truffle . . . shuffle!’ The band even started a drumbeat….Yeah, it was intense. I raised my hand like Moses before the red sea . . . I raised my shirt and did the truffle shuffle. The crowd went crazy. Every game, the chant would start and everyone would do it. I parlayed that into being the president of the student body.  It was a supreme sacrifice, but it paid off.

Happy Birthday, Chunk!  I’m eating a Baby Ruth today in honor of you!


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