The Most Common Characteristics Of A Cheater

 cheater The Most Common Characteristics Of A Cheater

Phillips & Company discuss a recent study that revealed The Most Common Characteristics Of A Cheater.

The study is of 300,000 of their members in Australia . . . Yeah, 300,000 people want to cheat . . . To figure out the most common characteristics of a cheater.

–Here’s what they found . . .

–They’re more likely to be Christian than any other religion.

–They’re more likely to be politically liberal.

–They’ve probably had more than one affair.  And about one out of 10 people have had at least six affairs.

–There’s a four out of five chance they use a PC and not a Mac.

–About 84% choose Coke over Pepsi.

–Less than 5% are vegetarians.

–And Gender doesn’t matter . . . men and women are about equally likely to cheat.

(Daily Telegraph)


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