Pat Downs and Stranger Danger: Traveling with the Kids!

child 2401 Pat Downs and Stranger Danger: Traveling with the Kids!

I can picture it already: You are in the airport, struggling to catch the flight to get to Granny’s. Your eight year old is approached about a security check, and he runs away, screaming, “STRANGERRRRRRRR!”    Lovely.Yep. How do we handle this one? We’ve taught them to steer clear of strangers. Who want to touch them.  Now we have to explain this to them, you know, about their safety and how this protects them. Oh boy….

Momania has some tips on how to talk to them, and also the rules. Yes…a diaper pat down actually could occur, as silly as it may seem.

Article Here

Thanks for listening, and for reading. Safe travels!


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